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Research shows that a child’s brain develops most dramatically during the early years of life. Their experiences, environments, and relationships during this critical time shape how their brains develop and prepare them for kindergarten and beyond.

The benefits of high quality early care and education set children up for success in school and life. Children who have a quality start are more likely to do well in school, attend college, and have successful careers.

Child care providers and caregivers have an incredible role during these early years of a child’s development. 4Cs is here to support you in your work as a caregiver, to help you meet your program goals, and guide you through quality improvement opportunities.

Resources for Child Care Providers & Early Educators

4Cs offers current and potential child care providers and early educators in San Mateo County an array of information, consultation, and training services in the areas of child care and development and early childhood education, including the Quality Counts program.

Our staff connects early care and education providers with training, workshops, and resources on how to start, maintain, and raise quality in their child care business.

For more information, please call our ECE Specialist at (650) 517-1446.