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4Cs of San Mateo County, San Mateo County Office of Education, and the County of San Mateo hold a shared definition and vision of inclusion for our children with special needs.


Inclusion means the full and active participation of children with disabilities or other special needs in community activities, services, and programs designed for typically developing children.


In early care and education settings, children of varying abilities, including those with identified or suspected disabilities, are supported to reach their full potential with their same-age peers. Support, accommodations, or modifications are provided when needed to ensure the child’s full and active participation.

Access, participation, and supports are the defining features of inclusive early childhood programs and services. The desired results of inclusion include high quality learning opportunities, positive social relationships, and an authentic sense of belonging for the child and family.

Pledge of Respect

At 4Cs, we take the lead in planning and advocating for quality care and early education for all children birth to fourteen in San Mateo County and support the integration of children with special needs into early care and education programs. We believe in equity, acceptance, and respect for all children.

Therefore, 4Cs has adopted a Definition and Vision for Inclusion of Children with Special Needs and is promoting the use of People First Language. Using People First Language places the person ahead of his/her label or disability. It is the first step towards promoting positive perceptions and attitudes about people with disabilities.

If you believe in using respectful language, then we invite you to publicly adopt the Pledge of Respect for children with special needs, add your voice to ours and us help promote inclusion of children with special needs and disabilities through the use of Person First Language.

Take Action to Support All Children Together

Here are some ways you can support All Children Together:

  • Make an online Pledge of Respect for Children with Special Needs
  • Paste this message and link to the pledge into your website to help spread the word!
  • Tell others about People First Language and ask them to sign the pledge.
  • Download, print & display your pledge to share with others!