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valerie-photo-with-kidsAs a child, Valerie was moved between families in the foster care system before finding her permanent home. While she was born at a disadvantage, through love, nurturing and support, she thrived and developed lifelong resilience, experiencing both ups and downs. Valerie struggled during her middle school years and ultimately ended up dropping out of high school. After giving birth to her first child at 19, she wanted to go back to school to achieve her GED and college education. Through the support of 4Cs subsidies and referral program, Valerie was able to pay for her childcare and find the best placement for her and her child’s needs.

While attending college, Valerie excelled as a scholar, became a committed leader and ambassador, studied persistently, and joined student government.  As an honor student, she graduated with an Associate of Arts degree from Skyline College, a Bachelor of Arts from San Francisco State University, and a Masters from the College of Ethnic Studies at San Francisco State University.

As a result of her personal and academic experiences, Valerie grew inspired to work in a career that empowers and transforms the lives of low-income, working class and at-risk families, giving back by helping other people in similar situations to her own elevate their circumstances. Valerie attributes many of her accomplishments to the help 4Cs provided with early child care and advocacy.