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July 11, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Sobrato Center for Non-Profits
350 Twin Dolphin Dr
Redwood City, CA 94065
Mirna Hardy

All About Asthma for Childcare Providers: In Chinese

幼兒工作人員, 你好!

現在是進行您的專業持續發展的時候了! 2017年秋季正要來臨,我們提醒您法律已在2015年更改並要求所有有執照的托兒服務提供者每年繼續發展專業技能。這個“All About Asthma”研討會可以幫助您滿足加州SS 1663的要求。


  • 使用霧化藥物
  • 保存日誌和使用記錄
  • 準備霧化器並保持霧化器的清潔
  • 將必要的表格納入您的托兒服務
  • 照顧哮喘兒童

這個研討會將會教導您為無論有無哮喘的兒童提供安全和健康的托兒服務所需的技能和信息。此外,您會獲得參加本次研討會的專業發展學分(Professional Growth Units) 。一旦您完成線上問卷調查,您還會獲得一張25美元的禮券(零售禮品卡)!

請告訴您的同事和朋友關於這個免費的研討會。我們也提供英語和西班牙語課程。請在Event.com上查找: 關鍵詞“Asthma”。


Hello Child Care Provider,

It’s time to continue your professional development. We are kicking off the Fall 2017 season by reminding you that the law changed in 2015, requiring all licensed childcare providers to annually update their skills. This “All About Asthma” workshop helps you meet SB 1663 California mandate.

You will learn how to:

  • administer nebulized medications
  • keep a log and record of usage
  • keep nebulizer clean and ready
  • implement necessary forms into your childcare business
  • take care of children with asthma

This workshop will provide you with the skills and information you need to provide a safe, healthy and supportive child care environment for all children with and without asthma. In addition, you’ll receive professional growth units for attending this workshop and a $25 gift certificate (retail gift card) once you completed the online survey!

Please tell your colleagues and friends about this free workshop. A Spanish and English language workshop will also be offered. Look for it on keyword “Asthma”.